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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Achieving Financial Freedom

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To be a successful entrepreneur means you have built your career on working hard, making smart decisions, and usually, learning from those decisions that weren't so smart.  The motto of the entrepreneur is simple:  "Adapt or die."

Fives Things You Must Do Now to Achieve Financial Freedom

  1. It is imperative that you are absolutely sure you are fully protected from life’s uncertainties by reviewing your protection components annually.
  2. You must review and monitor your overall long-term savings rates annually to be sure you are on pace for saving 15-20 percent of your gross income.
  3. On an annual basis, you must assess how you’re building wealth in the 3 Pools of Money, and what the 3 Pools will look like later.  Do you have a good balance?
  4. You must be sure your estate and business continuity plans are up to date, coordinated properly, and equitably structured.
  5. Every year you must evaluate and continually be improving your Financial Freedom Score™.

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